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$30.00 PER DAY

  • Private Desk Space

  • Reserved Space* 

  • 1-Hour Conference Room Time*

  • 10% Discount with Multi-Day Rentals

Full Day Use


Fully Equiped

All Plans come with the following amenities:

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Cable TV

  • Kitchen with Bar Seating

  • Shower

  • Refrigerator

  • Microwave

  • Complimentary Coffee

  • Complimentary Infused Water

  • Filtered Water


Other Membership Plan Features and Options for Purchase

  • Office Address

  • Mail Sorting

  • Mail Forwarding

  • Printing

  • Copying

  • Lobby Name Plate

  • Rack Storage (See Note 4)

  • Catering (ASM)

  • Media Support (ASM)

  • Live Video Streaming (ASM)

  • Conference Room Rental ***

  • Training Room Rental

Special Notes & Comments:

*  ---------   Subject to availability

** -------   See Membership Plan for detail

*** -----    Subject to 2-Hour Minimum

"X" ----    Included in Plan

"ASM" --   Ask Manager

  1. No time can rollover to the next month. All time must be used each month.

  2. Mail forwarding services are in addition to any postage costs.

  3. Copying at the indicated monthly rate is limited to 50 pages per month.

  4. Rack storage is based on one cubic foot per month at the indicated price.

  5. For plans with limited conference room and training room time, additional time can be purchased at your indicate discount rates.

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