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Frequent Asked Questions

  1. What type of office memberships do YO'R Office offer?

We offer dedicated desks and private office plans in a Cowork type of environment.


  2. Are you opened 24/7?

No. See contact page for hours of operation.


  3. What businesses are best suited for this office space?

Any profession or business that needs an office environment a few hours per week or periodically throughout the course of a month with all of the amenities of a full office operation.


  4. Is there free Wi-Fi?



  5. Are there other businesses in the building?

Yes, that's the magic behind coworking environments. You actually get to work and intermingle in an environment with other seasoned businesses and professionals.


  6. What are your methods of payments?

All membership accounts are setup via a debit or credit card on automatic withdrawals at the first of each month.


  7. Will I need to pay a deposit?

There are no deposits for membership plans. However, your first month's membership fee plus and application fee is due upon submission and acceptance of your new membership application. Short term lease plans will require a security deposit in the amount of the monthly rent plus the first month's rent.  

  8. Can I change plans in the future?

Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your plan. Additional fees for the modification may apply.

  9. Is the office secure?

Yes, we have security cameras and an alarm monitoring system on the building. Also, access to the building will only be provided to tenants during hours after staff has left.

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